How to use Microsoft “To-Do” at its best?

Every user of Microsoft Office must know that Microsoft introduced the Wunderlist to-do app in the year 2015 but in the year 2017 the company brought in its new acquisition. This new app is now known by the name “Microsoft To-Do”. When this app was launched, it lacked some of the essential features that were there in the previous app. The key features, “Collaboration” and “attachments” were missing from the app but thankfully Microsoft has incorporated these two in the app now.

The users who got disappointed with it earlier can now give it a second and deploy it on their PCs for better results. Microsoft has incorporated all-new features and functions in it and has updated the application so much that you will not regret using it. This article highlights various aspects of why one should consider it as the best task manager available today.

5 best things you can do with Microsoft “To-Do”

The world is very fast today and people want their work to be done at their fingertips. If you are one such person, then the “To-Do” app is one of the best things that you should have on your PC.

  • Collaborate and share tasks easily

Earlier the app lacked the “collaboration” feature but now it is there. People can now share their tasks so that they can view and edit them simultaneously. There is an easy way to share the task list and for doing this, all you need to do is right-click on the “To-Do” list app icon and then click on the option saying “Share List”. The users who use this app on their mobile phones can tap on the “Add User” icon in the app and they will receive a link to share it with other users.

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  • Create sub-tasks

In an updated version of “To-Do”, Microsoft introduced the “sub-task” category. Using this, you can add a series of to-do items under the main task. You can do this in multiple ways to create a workflow for a group of people. The people who are working together on a project can easily jot down essential points that come to their mind.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft “To-Do”

Certain effective keyboard shortcuts help you in enhancing your work productivity more quickly. The main keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

  • Ctrl + N- to add a new task to the list
  • Ctrl + L- for creating a new list
  • Ctrl + T- for adding a task to “My Day”
  • Ctrl + D- when you complete a task
  • Ctrl + F- to search for something
  • Ctrl + R- for syncing things
  • Ctrl + 1- for opening the sidebar
  • Integrate with Cortana

This is one of the best and newest updates in Microsoft “To-Do”. The residents of the US, UK, India, or Australia can use this feature with any of the Cortana-enabled machines. It works well with operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS, and other smart devices. Using this feature, one can create a list and reminders directly in the reminder rather than doing it in Cortana.

  • Integrates flagged emails in Outlook

Users whose accounts are already there with Microsoft work or school account, the app helps those integrating flagged emails on the Windows Outlook app. You can easily sign in from the same account and the flagged emails will automatically appear on your “My Day” in the form of a task.


Other than those mentioned above, you can do much more with the “To-Do” app. It allows you to manage your day efficiently and you can add attachments to the tasks. Also, you can switch accounts, plan your week, and use its “Live Tiles” in Windows 10. To access these features, you just need to log in to your account and download the desired application from there.