SharePoint paves the way for enhanced Microsoft 365 experience

SharePoint is known for providing a centralized, password protected space for sharing documents among groups. With the use of SharePoint, teams can easily collaborate and streamline workflow so that employees can make an effective communication and prove to be an asset for the growth of the company.

Microsoft SharePoint has enabled digital transformation for organizations and e-commerce businesses.

Recently, Microsoft has made certain innovations in respect to SharePoint, which are listed below:

  • The intelligent intranet service for SharePoint home sites.
  • Improvements in Yammer to increase employee communications.
  • Improved technologies for file sharing.
  • An improved Microsoft 365 in the field of performance, innovation, and intelligence.

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Creative thinkers know that an intelligent intranet influences employee’s capabilities and cultural transformation. The intelligent intranet provides opportunities for employees to work collaboratively, connect with people easily, and to work collectively as a team. Along with this, it harnesses their engagement and communication with each other.

An intelligent intranet could play a major role in allowing employees to meet aggressive deadlines and help them bring the organization from every corner together. With SharePoint cloud service, employees have learned to accelerate time-to-value. Employees are able to access communication sites, organizational news, hubs, modern team sites, pages, lists, and libraries are now available across browsers and devices just because of SharePoint.

Let us have a look at how SharePoint home sites have revolutionized the way we work today:

  • It has connected the work space with features such as “Microsoft Search” and “Mega-menu navigation”.
  • Has provided with useful content and news for employees working at different levels.
  • Has also provided employees with convincing and useful videos powered by Microsoft Stream and Yammer.

Innovations in Yammer and Microsoft Stream

SharePoint home site integrates with Yammer and Microsoft Stream to unlock high-value scenarios for employee engagement, learning, and communication.

Yammer provides a space for open communication that fosters inclusivity by giving every employee a voice and the ability to express thoughts, ideas, and feedback in a better way. With its latest “question and answer feature”, you can get replies to your queries from a group admin making it easier for reuse in future. In addition to this, OneDrive app allows you work with all your files and share them across different devices having Microsoft 365.

With improvements in “Sync” feature, now you can reduce the use of network as well as enables organizations to deliver a better cloud-connected experiences for their employees.

A new turbocharged SharePoint file storage

You can ensure the safe transfer of your files with SharePoint as it has a trusted cloud storage. Let us have a look at how SharePoint has made innovations in the field of sharing:

  • Now you can access data ten times faster than you could have done two years ago.
  • Its architecture has paved the way for new innovations in Office apps so that you can work faster than you could have done a year ago.
  • You can now edit or add content in your files as well as modify your work in a few seconds of research.
  • You can view more than 320 files in a go from your web, mobile, or desktop. You also have the option to synchronize large files reducing the network utilization.

To conclude-

Microsoft’s step towards improving SharePoint, Office, and Bing search has brought in new capabilities for real-time insights into one’s work along with an intelligent collaborative work space for employees. For a smoother communication amongst employees and a better workflow, organizations have been using SharePoint for long.