Privacy Policy

In our privacy policy, you will get to know about the ways through which we use the information shared by the customers. The policies on are subject to be modified and edited without any prior information to the visitors. Along with this, we fully respect the right to confidentiality of the visitors and hence we are committed to do so in future. does not provide, sell, loan, or rent your information to other websites in any situation. We may collect some information from the users at various points in accordance with the problem they are facing and how it needs to be tackled. Our privacy policy includes the details regarding the following:

  • Personal details
  • Payment details
  • System information
  • Info concerning remote access
  • Informational security
  • Cookies

The privacy policy of encompasses the ways with which your personal information is treated and being used. We want to inform the users that the information available here can be changed anytime without any prior information or notice.

Personal Details- to get help regarding any of the Office products you have to fill up a form for the registration purpose. You might be asked for some details which you need to provide for completing the registration. The info is collected to inform the users about renewal or other notifications and updates in Microsoft Office. We may collect the information from the users at various points based on the complexity of the situation.

Payment Details- At, we may collect users’ credit or debit card info. This is an essential process needed for the successful transaction for continuing to resolving your issues.

System Information- During the process to resolve users’ issues, he may be asked to share the system specifications of his device so that the technician can resolve the issue without any hurdles. These are collected to provide personalized and apt solutions to users.

Remote Access- sometimes, we might need to remotely access your PC to provide the required assistance. However, we do not use any tools to gather the financial or confidential information available on a user’s PC. We strictly restrict its usage.

Information Security- We at keep the collected info of the users securely. This information can only be accessed by certified technicians and employees. We also take preventive measures to protect the identity of the users as well as their financial information. There is effective encryption software available with us for collecting card-related info from the users. We respect your right to confidentiality and hence your data is safe with us. Under no state of affairs, we would sell, loan, or rent the user’s personal data.

Cookies- you might come across various cookies during the usage of our website. Hence, we want to inform the users that these are not associated with personally identifiable information and alike. If you use the cookies, you will be solely accountable for your actions.