October 3, 2019

Get Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2019 for your Device

Office 365 is a web-based toolkit by Microsoft which receives regular updates and allows you to share documents easily with others, enabling multiple users to view and edit and work in real time. With the help of it, you can access office applications on any device at any time. Office 365 has become popular in the corporate sector and the users suggest that it has the ability to drive productivity.

Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of Office 365 i.e. office.com/setup to understand why enterprises of all sizes are finding Office 365 very useful!

Features of Office 365

  • Enables chatting with co-workers in Office apps

Using Office 365, you can chat, share screens, and have video or audio conversations with your office colleagues. While you are working on an application or making an edit, you can still continue conversation via Skype on your desktop or phone. So, the team can have conversation and edit their work simultaneously, making work a lot easier.

  • Get Organized and Synchronized

Email, Contact, and calendar – all three remain synchronized. Even when you update a contact on your mobile phone, it will be updated across all your devices. It also enables you to get access to the same data from any device.

  • Real-time collaboration

This means multiple people can edit the same document in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint at the same time. All the people can view who is making the edits. You get web-enabled access to email, documents, contacts, and calendars irrespective of the device or browser you use.

  • Turn Notes into Calendars

You can prepare a note of your to-do list and then set each task as reminders on your calendar. You can add more tasks to your list and email the same to your team.

  • Easy PDF edit

Without any formatting complexities, you can convert PDF into a word document and you can edit it. You can save the entire word-doc as a PDF.

  • Add an Email Signature

With Office 365, you can now electronically sign and email documents, as well as collect signatures from others.

  • New feature of ‘flash fill’

Office 365 has an interesting feature of flash fill. It recognizes any changes you are making to the document and make the rest of the changes on its own. For instance, if you are reformatting the names in two columns into one column of an excel sheet, excel would recognize it and start doing it on its own. The reformatted list will be displayed and you would need to click okay to accept it.

Versions of Office 365

There are three popular versions of Office 365:

  • Office 365 Home

It includes office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access. It also includes the services of OneDrive and Skype. You can use it on multiple PCs/Macs, tablets, phones including Windows, iOS, and Android. It is valid for up to 6 users. It remains licensed for home use, too.

  • Office 365 Personal

Office 365 Personal includes all the office app same as Office 365 Home. It includes the services of OneDrive and Skype. It is meant for use on multiple devices such as PCs/Macs, tablets, phones including Windows, iOS, and Android. It is valid only for 1 user.

  • Office Home and Student

It only includes three office apps which are MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is valid for one time purchase to be used on 1 pc or mac.

Other Version

You can also go for Office Home and Business 2019 which comes with the following pointers:

  1. One time purchase for 1PC or mac.
  2. Classic 2019 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  3. Microsoft support included for 60 days at no extra cost
  4. Licensed for home and commercial use.

So, you understand that Office 365 is available in several plans to suit your business needs, for home, student, government, and non-profit users. Accounts may have features such as full installed versions of the software, Web apps, online meetings, online storage, Office for tablets and phones, file sharing, email and more.