Learn to deal with lost Microsoft Office product key

Product keys, as you might be already aware, serve an important purpose for activating antivirus software, Windows software as well as Operating System.

Product keys are generally 25-character codes which come along with the purchased product so that you can easily get through with its activation process. Microsoft Office comes in the same category if we talk about the product keys.

The product key of your Office setup is significant to ensure the ownership of the software. It gives you a digital license to use such things easily. Usually, when you buy any version of Microsoft Office such as Office 2019, Office 365 or Office 2016, you needed to have a product key to activate it on your device.

But, things have certainly changed over time. Yes, you heard it right. If you somehow are unable to get hands-on your Office product key, you can easily activate your Office product with it too.

The latest Office product demands you to have a Microsoft account in replacement of the product key. To deploy it on your device, all you need to do is open the Office software and tap on the “activate” button.

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Once you hit this button, you will be asked to enter the details of your existing account which is associated with Microsoft. If you are going to activate a new product, then you should first create an account on the Microsoft platform and then carry on with the process.

Dealing with lost Office product key

You might fall into trouble if you lose any of your keys such as your apartment’s key, car’s key, or the purchased software’s key. For activating Office products purchased before December 2016, you will need to have the product key handy.

If the Office product doesn’t come pre-installed on to your system, you might need to activate the product using the product key that presumably could be found printed on the label or card inside the box. If you are unable to locate it there, it might be likely in the PC packaging.

For those who have purchased Office as a digital download can search their mailbox for the product key. The product key is usually mailed to you along with the confirmation message of your purchase. The digital licenses came into being after the launch of Windows 10.

The products purchased after this period, use the Account activation method. You may also get in touch with the retailer or the PC manufacturer if you are unable to locate the product key on your own. The Windows 10 users can go to the start menu followed by the “Get Help” section.

To sum up-

To activate the 2019 or 365 version of Microsoft Office, you don’t require a product key anymore. All you have to do is navigate to the official website of Office and login to your account associated with it using the account login credentials. Once you successfully log in, tap on the “Install Office” and go through the easy prompts that follow. Doing this, you are good to go with having Office setup on your device.